Lyrics : Goats

What?…b*t*h… b*t*h! Dexter! What!

(Higher, higher, higher)
HA, yeah, ha, what, yuh, huh
n***as they pull up extendos
Ha, yeah, I ain’t gon lie about that
Ha, what, ohmangoddman

My n***as they pull up with extendos (what)
Shoot the sh*t out the window (fosho)
I f**k your lil b*t*h and I get low (oo)
She sucking my d**k on her tippie-toes (ooo)
Baby girl gotta go (oh what), I gotta do me a show (huh)
Rock in that b*t*h (huh), huh yeah I rock in that b*t*h (wait huh)
Soon as I get in the show (what), I rock in that b*t*h (I rock in that b*t*h)
Slappin that b*t*h (huh), never lackin got my Glock in that b*t*h (my Glock in that b*t*h)
n***a try me imma shoot, huh yeah I ain’t playin
You know I’m the man, huh what, I’m just saying
Lil whore, I put that b*t*h in Dior
I am the man, I am the man
Pop a lil xan, I go to Japan
Wait, huh, don’t pop no xan, pop a lil perc, woah up her skirt
Imma just get up her nerves, I put the bullets where they hurt
Wait huh, riddin around with my shooter named RaeRae
Ain’t playing boy you riding with an AK (skrrt)
You can get killed in broad day, playing with a ray-ray
That is for real, your boy he play in the field (he do)
Imma just pop a lil pill (pop a lil what?), Imma just get outta here

(see ya next year, bye bye)
(Higher, Higher, Higher)

My n***as they shootin for me, they ain’t shooting for free run up on my boy… ah, what
Huh, b*t*h ass n***a