Lyrics : Spark

Yeah, all I need is a spark
Counted out everyday it gets dark
Don't know why I'm living in head
'Cause I think with my heart
Blade sheathed on my back
Keep it sharp
Looking for a start

Will I ever be the person
That I wanna be
I'm burdened with this fear
Deep inside my veins
I got something that they want
But every time I try to channel it
I seem to disappear

Now I fear myself
Yeah I fear myself
Go into the world
Full of darkness unprepared
That's just who I am I guess
I don't need no help
But you came along and saved me
Started teaching me bravery
Cut the chains, no more slavery
On the road paved, we
Are a team
And there's no way that it's wavering
I'm telling you
All I ever needed was a spark