Lyrics : A 40Oz or a Can

It's the E and I'm smokin'
A.K.A. Slayer, yes, the one
Sharp as a blade, call me Shogun
I must talk about the beer with the bigger figure
St. Ides premium malt liquor
I drink the ultimate, not with the Warrior, my man
A 40 ounce or a can
So on the S-T K.A. sneak tip
Get the bozack while I take a sip

Everybody's buggin' (Why?), a new brew is on the shelf
Time to ditch that old beer, kid, and go for self
Next time you're in the store, I suggest you stop halt
Grab the black and gray can with the red lightning bolt
Or zig-zag for the brothers' pants who sag
Down to their Timb boots as the 40's passed
But you must be cool when sippin' the St. Ides brew
It comes in small cans, a 40 for the crew
It really don't matter, we drink it cold or hot
Back in Brentwood, Long Island 'cause St. Ides hits the spot
But for now I'm outee, 'cause I'm runnin' low on fuel
Not petroleum, kid, but the St. Ides brew