Lyrics : 11AM In Williamsburg

I hope they can tell that I’m different
I put all my pride aside to make it work some people you gotta love from a distance
Still had to sacrifice to do it all by myself man I hate how I’m living
Feel more comfortable where I’m from deep down I got a thing for the trenches
Born in July great memories it was good times in the summertime
Everybody know we coming right back if you disrespect and touch one of mines
If a n*gga says he got beef with Coka say your name, take a number, get in line
Hop out the car and spark up smoke a spliff pop a perc now I’m civilized
Praying and hoping for better days I can’t wait ‘till that money come in
I soon be duplicating different currencies and hit the road with a bunch of runners
I had to strategize and make a bigger plot just to get where I’m at now
n*ggas be cuffing and tryna go pillow talk to all of the b*tches I passed down
I hate when they talk about me it’s behind my back they never mention I’m great
I’m way too paranoid I heard the wrong noise and started gripping my waist
I had too much free time got deep in the streets man I’m catching a case
Exposing my personal life showing love to n*ggas was my biggest mistake
I hate when she put all that makeup on but I love when she take her panties off
I got some head up on the spot she licking sucking hold my di*k with a manicure
Taking advantages of managers we clean up the spot like a janitor
I built an addiction for counting them blue hunneds percocets and the cannabis
We tied in like the mob got love for my brothers I’m neva gon’ switch up
I do what I want I feel like the realist the pressure come I never b*tched up
New designer all top of the line but taking pictures in the same clothes
Big packs when I started a cuban laying on all of this money I change clothes
Good denim, Yves Saint Laurent gold Cartier see him watching them front
I’m feeling freaky now I’m gripping her butt just keep a secret me and her what’s up
I’m making these plays sometimes I set a pick we can score when it’s game time
A solid connection I stay in the same circle ‘cause we all on the same time

Still never stop if we stop how we how we gon’ keep it going
Forever Situated Records, Team Larkin