Lyrics : Lonely

Looking at my rear view mirror
Thinking how I’m gone
Thought u would’ve caught up on
But now I feel it inside
I can’t give b*t*hes no more time
Live your own lie
I let myself in, she take me right in
On my own grind, mama said don’t fold now
Everybody popping to my songs I’m just gone now

These n***as be talking a lot
They saying I’m better I know it yea
Wrist on way below yea
I got too many hoes yea
Inspire all these flows all these wannabes annoying yea
Take me to the floor yea
Encourage me to blow it yea
Oh why all my life I been alone
Take one pill to take my mind off being wrong
There’s too many bad decision round me in my zone
Can’t be caught up with the deuces
Because I’ll be in until the morn
All these lonely faces
All these broken hearts
All these people round me
They don’t see this far