Lyrics : Junk Bond Trader (alt version)

The imitation will recolor from habit
Writing in the glow of the TV's static
Taking out the trash to the man
Give the people something they understand
A stick man flashing a fine-lined smile
A junk bond trader trying to sell a sucker a stock
Rich man in a poor man's clothes
The permanent installment of the daily dose

And you tell people they're 'too paranoid'
But it's only you they must avoid
Fast asleep in a small reality
Boring as a drug you take too regularly
The athlete's laugh, the broken crutch
The first true love that failed because you fell too much
Night brought you to no decision
But to execute every day with precision

Happy holidays, said Sad Savior
The leaving love that I still favor
You gave me rhetoric
More sympathy
The sad song, a symphony
But I don't expect
Anyone to quite connect
My broken heart together