Lyrics : 15 Anos de prision en ingles in english

Mother I'm already waiting
The sentence that they are going to give me
Although I've always been a very man
I confess that I want to cry

I don't know how long my sentence will be
Prisoner I know that nothing will be the same
I just hope they read my sentence
To be transferred to the prison

What tears me most in the soul
It's not how long it can last
Is to think that my dear mother And kneeling little mother
I want to give me your forgiveness
To all who listen to me, I give you some advice
Listen to your mother before it's late sir

I never wanted to listen to my mother
And now I'm sentenced to prison
Because in vices and false friends
One day I became a criminal

They sentenced me to 15 years
With whom I will be in prison
And for all the bad I've been
I ask my parents for forgiveness

Now I'm here prisoner
Although I am a man I want to cry
Cause I know the day I'm free
I will not find my parents