Lyrics : Freeverse 5

See, I never heard what my friends and I talked about here in this music
So I just said f*ck it, I guess if you want it you'll just have to do it
That's 5 in the gauntlet, if I get one more then we ready to jump
Let me log-in this sh*t real quick pick the character I want

Everyday is like a holiday, and this is my oasis I'm welcoming all of yall to play in
Plug into my universe where nobody can feel the same
The only way to really describe it is an emoji {?}
Keep runnin' I'll be faded in the background
Like I'm {?} tryin' to bring me back down
I been recordin' and hopin' to get the track sound
Movin' dope sh*t call the studio the trap house
When I attack now I'm goin' for the chest
You're only a champion if you're going at the best
I said f*ck a label like everybody {?}
But I am actually turnin' down all deals that I get