Lyrics : End of Daze

I don't even wanna work

It's the end of days, end of times
My, oh my
Up in a blaze, you can't hide (Can't hide)
Why oh why? All the kids afraid, momma cries
God packed His bags and said, "Bye-bye"
God packed Her bags and said, "Bye-bye"
Why, why, why?

Before it's all said and done, I'ma spend this money
'Fore it's all said and done, I'ma f**k these hoes
And I ain't pullin' out sh*t but the chopper, though
I end the weak like domingo and sábado
No petty sh*t when you can see it's bigger problems, bro
But I'm a n***a, I'll kill you, you know how it go
Nonchalant on most occasions, apocalypse no different
It take a lot to phase him, take even more to kill him
I watch, but I don't listen, a ox, I'm pullin' wagons
My mama birthed a n***a with the spirit of a dragon
On the last day of the calendar, I live like an assassin
I'ma pray before we go down with the planet
Drank some, smoke some, f**k some, yum-yum
'Fore it's all done, tell one you love one