Lyrics : Mr. Right Now

Ahh, mmm, mmm
Ahh, yeah
Ahh, ooh
Mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm

I don't want love, I want you
Save it for someone who need it (need it, need it)
Said you'll be right back, let me come through (ooh)
Show you some positions you ain't never seen
Got you biting on the pillow, know you wanna scream (c'mon)
I know we in danger, but it makes you cream
f**k you right to sleep, make you have wetter dreams

I know that this is bad, don't it feels so good?
Been a minute since you came, how you shake on this wood
Now you say you wanna leave him, you could
But don't do that for me, can't you see I'm no good?

Only here for one night
Only here to take off your nightgown
You looking for Mr. Right (mmm)
But you found Mr. Right Now
Gonna make you come 'fore he come back around
So we can't waste no time now
Hope you find Mr. Right (yeah right)
'Till then I'll be Mr. Right Now