Lyrics : Cold Summer

Got the vision staying focused
3rd zone where I'm posted
I'm the one that was chosen
That explains our remoteness
Bout to glow and you know it
Used to act like you ain't noticed
At the shop, should've [?]
You was in the lane, shouldn't have switched up

See me riding high
Peeping on the low
Now you wanna know
[?] before
Told you not to act
Now you playing roles
Swerving on the road
On the highway
Foggy windows
Message on my phone
Say I'm never home
I've been living fast
Got me sipping slow

You made my cup overflow
My mind sometimes overloads
In the city switching lanes
So high up on hydroplane, yeah

What they wanna know?
Clout leveled up, gotta step, flow, I could never go under
Somewhere on the go
Only thing I know, lanes never slow speeding like Roadrunner
If you really think
Imma be [?] it's gon' be a cold summer
Finna be a long summer

Wait, look replies
Now they coming through, wonder why they don't when [?]
Calling in the skies
Hitting up my line, every other time different phone, phone numbers
If you feeling slow
[?] she already know, it's gon' be a cold summer
Get ready for a cold summer