Lyrics : Don’t Smoke Gas (Free Sito)

Mm, sh*t to me
I don't really think that lil' b*t*h sh*t to me
I don't really think that lil' b*t*h sh*t to me

I don't really think that lil' b*t*h sh*t to me (sh*t to me)
I left that b*t*h and left that lil' b*t*h history (History)
Riding 'round and you know I got that stick on me (Stick on me)
Your b*t*h with me, you know she finna stick with me (Stick with me)
Run from police, it's a track meet
I ain't a f**k n***a, you can't subtract me
I ain't telling sh*t, don't ask me
Hood-hood b*t*h so sassy
You know I'm still humble even though I let a lot of n***as pass me
And you know it's no royal rumble, got the chopper in the f**king backseat
Pulling-pulling up [?], we ain't never pulling up in no taxis
Di-Dior on my head and my toe, and your b*t*h gas me
We sipping lean, we smoking dope, we call that a gas leak
We eating, ain't fasting
Chopper on me, hittin' blastin'
Hit that boy, he like, "What happened?"
Real street n***a, I ain't with that capping
But I'm a trap n***a so I'm cappin'
We see an opp, put a cap in his ass
Young n***a drive and I swerve so bad
n***as hatin', where they do that at?
Bad b*t*h, yeah, you know that b*t*h bad