Lyrics : Quick

Don't get me started
What I got you want it
Can't give you the world
But you know I can promise you
A house too big
With a car too quick
And if the shoe fits
You can get it too quick

I got something on my mind now, uh (On my mind)
Let me chop it with you right quick, uh (Back quick)
'Cause I know you want the whole world, uh (Whole world)
And you want me to wife it, uh
You want to swerve in the nice whip, uh (Swerve, swerve)
Strawberries and a ice wrist, uh (Bling, bling)
But I got one question
Little momma can you red stick, uh, uh
Switching gears on the one ten, uh (Switch)
But you know I never exit, uh (No, I don't)
Get the flippin' like a trap phone, uh (Flip, flip)
But I never lose connection, uh
If you feeling that I'm on your line
Hit me with the right click
And I put that on everything
You ain't met a n***a like this