Lyrics : Grapefruit (Remix)

I'm a bad, I'm a bad b*t*h
I'm a, I'm a bad, bad, I'm a bad b*t*h
I'm a bad, I'm a bad b*t*h
I'm a, I'm a bad, bad, I'm a bad b*t*h

Don't be catching feelings
I don't wanna play these games with you
I'm looking at the ceiling
Knowing that there's nothing I can do
Got me going brainless
Got me going brainless, brainless
This ain't gon' be painless
I know this ain't gon' be painless

You're in my bed
And there's nothing being said
Better done, then said
And my heart is kinda dead
Been through too much
Now I'm only tryna f**k
Kept it real with you 'cause I don't need you getting stuck

Now you got me feeling kinda nervous
Wondering if this is really worth it
Thinking 'bout you when I'm all alone
I don't wanna just kiss you through the phone