Lyrics : Everything Is Okay


I’m tryna tell myself that everything is okay
And no ones here to wipe away my tears
Going through some sh*t that’s hard to talk about
Fighting my reflection in the mirror

I give you my all but you don’t even try
You give out all your love but still ain’t satisfied
And what’s the point in trust if you gone tell me lies
I’m done, I’ve had enough and you know why


I’m not finna go there with you
(And You know why)
I know that’s what you want me to do
(Oh why)
And I’m in love with everything that ain’t no good for me
(Oh why)
And you the reason I’ve been having the blues
(And you know why)
Verse 1

I know you can hurt me a little more
Cuz to me it’s so damn worth it to feel alone
I don’t believe in being perfect I’ve never known
And Ima need your help for certain cuz I don’t know