Lyrics : Blood Sweat & Tears

(Yung Lan on the track)
(Hunnid bands for a Kilo, n***a)

When it's all said and done
I'll be here to shut up the critics, when they all said I'm done
I was lost in the slums (Yeah)
How the f**k you give me a fork when you offer me crumbs?
Promise I ain't takin' no loss, I ain't forfeitin' nothin'
This sh*t ain't killed me, it made me strong (Made me strong)
M told me that I got it, it's just gon' take me longer (Take me longer)
Sometimes it's hard to get spotted, when all this weight is on you (Weight is on you)
We play the hallway, two in the morn'
In broad day shootin's was norm'
I'm paranoid in the coupe, the roof usually on
Keep me a Glocky just for the opposites (For the opps)
And the ones I be ridin' with, got no tolerance (Ain't got no tolerance)
Seen a n***a get in the game, 'til it's men start actin' strange and he took em out of it (Yeah)
Who the f**k you supposed to trust when your homies'll do you filthy?
No witness or co-defedant, it's harder to prove you guilty (Yeah)
Whenever we in attendance , just know that we movin' milly (militant)
A couple cougars, that’s two .40's, only b*t*hes who defend me (Yeah)

I gave my blood, sweat and tears and my passion (Tears and my passion)
And if I die today, it's okay my legacy'll be everlastin' (Legacy'll be everlastin')
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah (Yeah)