Lyrics : Breath(Haemoglobic)


Hustling is a life science of every human activity
A man who is a lazy, is only a disability
A man with empty pockets has no female affinity
Hungry for life with productive constructivity
All the luxury and comfortability
Stress contributes traffic and more negativity
The only breakthrough is letting go, moving on, and believing in positivity
I'm in it for music utility
I just waited for the right opportunity
Then i brought a son into my community
Now i hustle hard to make sure my bank account doesn't get to a state of nudity
My whole lifetime depends on my heartbeat longetivity
God connectivity
To acknowledge my soul continuity
It's the fundamentality of paternity
To a child's growth that's why i made it my facility
Success is friends with visility

I just grab the mic & breath(haemoglobic)
I just grab the mic & breath(haemoglobic)
I just grab the mic & breath(haemoglobic)
Just, just kinetic world is haemoglobic
I just grab the mic & breath
I just grab the mic & breath

Your intestines are only subscribed to your faeces
Your skill's gotta manage up to your body pieces
Your health has to be insured from pathogenic diseases
Deliver yourself from evil by praying in the name of jesus
Life is a celebration
The heart and mind collaboration
Your ambition goes a long way with your cellular respiration
Your explosion when your experience mixes with your hydrochloric education
Do what you gotta or lose it all in a haemorrhage operation
Everyday constantly sleeping and waking up like a rib cage
It's a kinetic world everthing keeps moving, and so is your age
Dust all in my chest, i cough it all out on a page
Chasing dreams and recovering back the yeast into my cake
I know i'm blessed, cause my success's got my residential address
Through the post or courier i'll wait no stress