I gotta admit I heard your track and smiled
Not cause it’s funny, cause you are my child
You ripped off my lyrics and ripped off my style
So I’m gonna smoke you like your black and mild
Savage and strong? Your last names got you wrong
Look like y’all belong in the band room along with your school of rock buddies y’all act like some dummies your songs aren’t funny just stick to your studies
I’m all on your insta but your not on mine not me being unkind but my line for designs more than fine it’s divine
My Instagram, can’t have wannabes being on mine
Cause I have personality deeper than digits
Will bri let you keep her if you ain't religious
I sent you a track and a couple weeks later Gus sent me your traitor song bout a fourth grader
Your songs is as cringy as LMBO
You copied my flow and we already know you like stealing the show
So With you I’m ready to go bar for bar
Stop flexing your car
No one knows who you are
No one cares who you are but you just keep on flexin
Im calling the shots like I’m smith or Wesson
You obey what I preach so just Call me the reverend
Keep ripping off me and you’ll get hell not heaven