Lyrics : Eye 2 Eye

I love you more than words can say
It hurts me that you moved away
Act like it doesn’t bother me
I love you more than words can say
It hurts me that we’re worlds away
Try not to let it bother me

I met Kanye West and I’m still just a piece of sh*t
He said he wanted to link and he took a pic of my fit
That’s my childhood idol dreams come true when you risk it all
Mama taught me that and I’m thankful to be your kid
I’m sorry that I’m such a f**k up
I’m doing hot in my 20's
This year at least I could eat
Cause last year I was counting pennies
I had negative dollars to my name and I was still trapping
Doing fraud and dreaming bout running in front of traffic
I’m happy for you now
You’re doing good at a distance
I know I should call you more
But it hurts too much when I’m missing you
And tensions building up
I can feel you resent your son
I’m losing focus, seeing ghosts and looking down at my gun