Lyrics : Intro

Ay CZR, you did a mazza still

DSq's with the splatter
Step repair for the matter
And my fans wanna see me in Napa
But I'm on mapper, I can't go patter
Pattern, might spend a twenty in Hatton
Step out, flex in my Jordan's
Do up your back, that's chest and organs
What? You don't want your chest pierce like Morgan?
I'm in the T house, leng with the raw ting
How can my fiends be snortin'?
It ain't safe
No lackin', I keep my blade
Section 60, I beat that case
Free up my mates, they gotta keep faith
I was tryna get down three
Just cut two, left one to go
I'm in traffic doin' up static
You're leavin' your whip, how's he gonna get home?
Force that flicky, get it in your plaits
Like, he ain't even worth that smoke
We tried go 'Marsh but they banned us
So I had the jail cell givin' me dandruff
Step out, try and not tangle my Cuban
Too much weight on my neck
I remember on A wing, jumpin' railings
Toilet rolls and techs
Bad from nursery, ask my teacher
I swear I didn't pass that test
Two Gucci socks on my side ting
Bro sight him, got it down, I'm smilin'
Need me a bad one, pretty Latina
Wanna fly Mexico
Blacked out beamer, in a two seater
Pull up at Texaco
Bare face, no bally, did it with a Sammy
Insert wounds and exit holes