Lyrics : Don’t Change Me

If it don't make money, it don't make sense
And the way I drop hits, it's like I can't miss
She say "Dee, I really like you but you ain't sh*t"
I say 'Baby I'm a thug and I can't switch"
If I give you all my love then you can't leave
You keep bringing up your n***a, but he ain't me
Girl, you want me to be perfect but I can't be
I ain't tryna change you, don't try to change me (Don't try to change me)
(Verse 1)
Hold me down and Imma love you like I made you
And I ain't super save a hoe, but Imma save you
And yeah I f**k with you a lot, but I can't chase you
I'm smokin' gas and your n***a smokin' K two
And I be stepping on these n***a's like a marching band
She don't like me she just like the way my diamonds dance
I ain't panic when I made my first hundred bands
And if I tell you 'bout my life you wouldn't understand
See I was really in the school with that pack on me
Young n***a 16 with them racks on me
If you my dog and it go down, don't you rat on me
He was at the gas store, we put him back on E
And I ain't changing
So baby you can take it or leave it
When you really gettin' money they be hating to see it
They ain't think that I could do it had to make 'em believe it
Caught a case I had to face it and beat it
N***a we made it, we eating