Lyrics : Fresh Prince

Tryna be a household name
Tryna get a C63 and a Ice gold chain
One time I spoke to the feds just to calm down my mum but I still didn't write no names
Yeah, believe it or not
I'm always at yard you can never see me in the club
Beef, are you nuts?
Got me a G that'll make man bleed if he reach in the glove
Yeah they made a mistake, them man are not Drake
I don't care for your views, do it for myself I don't care for reviews
Three piece wi ma chips, I don't care for your suit
Look my G I don't care for your ties
Girls watch me like I fall from the sky
Two suit flex make your girlfriend wet but her boyfriend thought it was sweat on her thigh
Why they I ask me why I got gang on my garments
New year's eve man I found an apartment
I know it's alarming
Man I got girls all over the house, got girls in the garden
See through lense, gold rims for the frame
Man get smoked roll weed for the pain
"Rich tell me who the f**k do you think that you are?"
Said b*t*h don't answer me again

Man's Fresh Prince gotta do it like Will
KD's nuts, every riddim I kill, tryna get big banks so I do it like Phil
Won't stop 'till I get me a yard in the hills
Gotta stay fresh when I make a request
Man can't say no man gotta say yes
Don't care 'bout love, it's nottin' but stress
Man are like "shh, say nottin' just flex"
You see the other day I was chillin' in my room
Tryna work out what to do wi this rap ting
"Rich what you worrying about?" Say the people
"Cos they love you dawg plus your music's a mad ting" and I'm like
"Yeah, you know when it's goin' good but it's not enough man"
Yeah, see they question my pen then they found out
Man I put the time in n***a time out
See I used to flag red like it's Rosé
Thank God I never OD'd in the Wine house
Still Cobain with the pen blow your mind out
f**k my old ways got a gold chain
Grime or its rap kill both lanes
Brum girl wi the bad back call her old age
Yeah, I wouldn't like me either if I heard my ting bang on the speaker
Right now it's 13 bags for a feature
Man wind down throw dank in the reefer, ay
Nowadays I'm on some different sh*t
Man I can tell these n***as feelin' it
She's twerkin' on me while I'm billin' it
Girl be careful, girl be diligent
I'm the one yeah I'm the oracle
I can't explain it it's phenomenal
They claim that they do the impossible
I don't believe 'em I ain't gullible