Lyrics : ØUTLAW

(Let's go, Mario)
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

And I got OUTLAW on my jacket, I wrap that b*t*h down in VLONE
Tryna pick up for my side 'cause this sh*t gon' put me in a bad zone
She said I cursed you, I wrote your name down, I put that sh*t down into stone
I don't hate you, I'm simply confused, I been up, I been tryna right all my wrongs
No more, tryna put down all my phones
Leave me and nobody home
Shawty gon' make me watch the throne
And she bad, yeah, she bad to the bone
Shawty gon' make me cash my own
Trying to find my diamonds, Sierra Leone
It don't make no sense how you so damn grown

Can somebody get me out this home? (Yeah)
I ain't buggin', I just need a loan
I tried to call you but I just got the tone (What?)
You not reliable, that sh*t was shown
Where the chicken, girl? I'm tryna bone (Yeah)
Yeah, I just said that sh*t off the dome
Making these hits gon' put me on (What?)
In the studio up all night (Woah)
I'm alright, yeah, a little, not quite (Woah)
Ain't no sin, I been getting deprived
I don't know, man, I cannot decide (Let's go)
I'm in a very fast car, red light (Skrrt)
Losing memory high as a kite (Skrrt-skrrt)
So irrational, I wanna try
f**k your feelings and f**k your advice
No more (Yeah, yeah, woah)
Dead inside
Tryna shoot me, you missed me twice
Hella opp sh*t gets me tight
And I got OUTLAW on my jacket, I wrap that b*t*h down in VLONE (Yeah)
Tryna pair up with my whoadies, music sh*t finna put us on (Let's go)
I cannot wait, I'm ecstatic (What?)
Made my mama cry, she so dramatic (Woah)
Tryna get it now I cannot panic
Make it proper 'fore both of us vanish
808s boomin', it's making me manage (Yeah)
I don't care telling me that I'm mannish
I'ma just blame all that sh*t on my damage
Girl, you tripping on God, yep, damn near outlandish
And yeah, I'm summin' your knot like Slip
Tryna match up my moods with my fits
Rock the stage out, I feel like I'm Kiss
Drummer on me, it's matching my Ricks, woah
Okay, I'm choppin' that b*t*h like Slick
Shoutout Jake One, that n***a don't miss
Bought a dog, yeah, that n***a a pit
Turn the girl's man to a motherf**king lick, yeah
I got a show, leave my ass alone
I been roamin' around, I been 'round
She finna blow me, she play the trombone (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Yellow diamonds double C
I'ma dub when I get you a loan
Making these hits gon' put me on (Let's go)
Yeah, broski off the dope
I'm in Zombie land, Emma Stone
It went poof and then he gone
And we got chopsticks, chopsticks, yeah girl, that ching chong
So what are these n***as here on?
Ayy bruh the king, I'm taking the throne
I got bad habits, I'm taking it on
Small world pays on
Let’s out, gettin' on
Get bullies pay it on
I f**ked it up, no mistaking this song
Bad man, bangs gone
Too tight hang on
I'ma take the chain home