Lyrics : Hellraiser

You got people out here goin' crazy
We losin' loved ones everyday to the people that sworn in to protect us
It's not us, it's the police
This the madness that they sparked up, this is what they encourage

Give a f**k what you rank, what you jack up
'Cause you ain't sh*t without no heart, you're getting packed up
This .223 inside my bag'll make you back up
Better tell your homie, "Relax, bruh"
It wasn't my fault, the stupid n***a made me act up
It's only right brodie put Ricky in his bag, bruh
I don't miss, bruh, we ain't got no mask, bruh
You can charge your dash, bruh
Pull up with a Cardi B, I'm Offset with a MAC, bruh
You gon' have to pardon me, I'm known for givin' lack
n***as better not bother me if it ain't a bag
Seahawks how we hawkin' sh*t, let's mob on they ass
Don't get caught up at a red light, leave his mind on his dash
Leave your head in your lap, turn your mans to a tat
Turn your friends to a stat, we'll take y'all in last
Put your bro on they ass, put your bro on they ass
You hoes going out sad, Swisher sweet, she gets passed
She don't wanna miss me, peons dissing
You been f**kin' all these rappers, fake b*t*h, forget me
You know they ain't nothin' like me and he ain't got no back
b*t*h, I woke up in my white tee, Franchize Boyz on your ass
n***as don't like me, teenage GOAT of my class
How you way up on the 'Gram but then your mixtape was trash?
That boy greener than grass, he a lick in my path
And f**k a crooked-ass cop, boy, you ain't sh*t without your badge