Lyrics : Hello DC!

Ayy, see, that's what the f**k I'm talking 'bout
(G, I think we got one)
I was just telling Sean, Sean, bro
I can't f**k no basic b*t*h
Stop calling my f**king phone, bruh, I ain't tryna hear that sh*t
Woke up like a new man
Walked outside in my New York Street Vans
Like now, it a big man, ayy
Get my ex sad, I turned my ass to a big man

TSA stopped us in Vegas
Too much ice, they can't believe that we made it
Old n***as on my d**k, they invaded
Just mad 'cause your sh*t is not bumping, just save it, woah
Yeezys, I'm keeping it basic
When we stroll through your block, we leaving it vacant
I'm an Eastside n***a, please don't mistake
And your girl sent a text, told her, "Happy belated"
Oh my God
Rockstar n***a, I live according
Need for speed demon, I been roaring
I'm on the eway, a thief in the night, b*t*h, good morning
We the type of n***as pull out the ice while it's storming (What?)