Lyrics : Anime tiddes & thick nibbas

Yes you've reached thick n*ggas Inc
How may I direct your call?
I need me a thick n*gga, but no homo though
'Cause that's that gay sh*t
n*gga as long as I say no homo its not gay right?
Absolutely right Sir
Anime b*tches I look at her tiddies
Then I take her home and we countin' these fifties
I come to your city
I sneak in yo chimney
I tickle her kidney
And then I watch Disney
I love me some hentai, I go on XVIDEOS
b*tch I'm Dbangz stick my di*k in yo Cheerios
b*tch I'm Dbangz I might f*ck my computer
I whip out my di*k and then pull up on my shooter
I tickle your booty and then I get neutered
I know I'm a loser
I tickle your tumor
I find me a b*tch that got no sense of humor
It's Lil c*mstain I'm the booty consumer
I take her off her shoe and then do the maneuver
And if she act tough I might whip out the luber
You know I'm with Kia
I go to IKEA
She soft like a cheetah
She from Costa Rica
Hey Lil mama come through get respected
She take off her shoe I take out my erection
I suck on her middle toe don't use protection
Kid call me Papi I teach her a lesson
I only eat ass that's a pus*y oppression
You swear that she loyal your b*tch in my mentions
I whip out my di*k paint her face like Picasso
I suck on her toes and I'm out like El Chapo
I look at her booty hole eat it like tacos
I respect on women she better not swallow
She touch on my c*ckpit I put it on auto
Suck toes and eat ass that's the DBongo motto
I cuff me a Kia then write her a song
She take her shoe and I take off that thong
I whip my di*k she said baby whats wrong
Girl nothing I'm boutta smash like I'm King Kong
Papi go harder I nutted a while back
b*tch I'm Dbangz I ball hard like the Wild Cats
He talking bout Troy
She whip out her toy
'Cause my di*k was to small for her to enjoy
I ming with the mom
Yeah Kia so bomb
I whip out my weenie or
Swag, Swag, Swag