Lyrics : Goodbye Lulu Pt.2

Well it's been fun for a spell
And I wish y'all well
I'd hate to overstay my welcome
So, it's time I go
And even though now I must split
Please never forget
You were the ones that made this planet
Feel like home

So, peace out farewell
To everyone, everything
Thanks for the memories
I'll catch ya down the line
When we regroup in hell
The first rounds on me
We'll get hammered
To the gimme gimmes auld lang syne

When you look back on the good ol' days
I sure hope you remember me fondly
With the highest highs came the lowest of lows
I know
And even though I weren't no saint
I swear I did try my best to make you proud
Guess I can only hope
That my triumphs outweigh my mistakes


Through stories and songs, we can live forever
Our bodies are not so resilient
Unfortunately, they'll succ*mb to decay
So, once I've vanished from this world
If you find yourself feelin' lonely
And lightyears from okay
Just hum this tune
And I'll be right back here with you

(So, pour me up a pint)

Peace out farewell to everyone everything
Thanks for the memories
I'll catch ya down the line
When we regroup in hell the first rounds on me
We'll toast to the world that we left behind
Yeah, we'll toast the world we left behind
We'll toast to all we left behind