Lyrics : ​if the world exploded

The Fireman
Uh-ah, uh-ah
One, two, three, four

I can't force myself to fall asleep
I get lonely, talking to the sink
Unable to fix it, there's a leak
This Goose make me happy

Searching for something to get me in
There's a room filled up with dancing heads
Funny things, I'll never know what happens next
Found some mold in the bread, oh, ah
Extra talking, nothing means a lick
Did you feel anything when we kissed?
If the world exploded into pieces
Nothing would change, it just is what it is—i-i-i-i (David)

Stop and look around, there's nothin' in my dream
honeycomb, I sit under the tree
Maybe it's just what I've done, ah-uh
I'm usin' Monsters, watch me rot