Lyrics : Email

Yeah you wanna break it up
I told her to take it off
Yeah, tell me you love me
Uh-uh, she ain't sayin' much
Yeah really a youngster, really a kid
But we ain't playin' much
Yeah, gettin' my chains and gettin' my money
No we ain't changin' that
Yeah, now we growing up
And she say it's society
Yeah, rockin' the beat but I bet Peter doesn't like me

Yeah, hittin' like lightning
It's a trick of the lighting
Tell me you love me, and sauce on you, you gotta hide it
All my clothes like Tisdale, I'll cover your wrist girl
I got this sh*t new, yeah, you got it from resale
I been countin' blues yeah, it came through the email
I been hittin' you yeah, you ain't ever read them

Treat me how she wanted, hit the sea, arms out
In the back of the car
She want me to play with her kitty
Heart breaker, said she make me want more ?
Cruisin' down to the arcade, here but I'm far away
We're on the highway, stay facin' the rear view
Pack on my lap, like a lap dance
A better feeling is my last chance
And she never gave a f**k, but sh*t I never f**ked up
And if you need to run it longer
Snort the adderall off the truck