Lyrics : Die Trying

Is that?
It's kind of a new character
Park Guy
It's just something I was playing around with
Are his shorts pulled up really high?
I mean, the normal amount
But also, he gets his powers from them
And is the snakehead saying
"I'm this way because I never learned to read"?
It makes sense for this character
All right
I'm going back out
I'm gonna get that fish
We're going with you ... until bedtime

There's a fish who's a beast from head to tail
It's become the park's white whale
So just call me Ishmael
Be bold-faced and daring
Let us go and tame the wild sea
Time will tell what's meant to be
And we'll fight till we are free
Catch it like a dad with his shirt tucked in
Be brave (Be brave)
When the moment comes to pass (to pass)
This ain't no Billy Bass (Billy Bass)
See, there's movement in the grass
(In the grass, in the grassy, grassy grass)