Lyrics : Godfather 4

Chicago, y'all still shootin' up
In Boston, y'all still shootin' up (Yeah)
And Queensbridge stay shootin' up
Even in Wichita, it's wicked, y'all

You see a mic stand, lit up under the spotlight
A silhouette of a man, slayin' beats that knock right
I treasure whenever niggas or rhetoricals hit
Orchestral tracks and nail it, smooth, black velvet
And rap intelligent but then it's just a low percent
Who blow on some Nas, B.I.G., and Hova shit
No offense but I was over with findin' young spitters who names I remember
Dave (Dave, Dave, Dave) Jay Rozay
Dissin' your idols kill your future 'less your idol supped up
Jamaica Ave, Nas, cherry drop, couped up
Still hittin' clubs, grimy niggas occasionally shoot up
Bang-bang, pow-pow, this snorters still toot up
My dead granddad came to my cousin through a psychic
I don't really like it, pay prices for afterlife advice gets
Kinda double jumble, prefer to take my chances
Who gets out alive? Nobody got the answers
All we got it questions, I told my bitch she hit the genetic lottery
Love it when she lie to me
A friendship is built over time and trust too
But trust is a contract that constantly needs to be renewed
For peace and solitude
Peace and solitude, p-p-p-peace and solitude
Trust me and love me, I trust you and love you
Could you, could you, could you, really show love?
Like a tree fallin' in the middle of the forest
Nobody heard your shit drop, it's really garbage
How come rappers you claimin' I got my style from
Never pile one-tenth of my mint
No diss to them, men who got it in, this is now, that was then
Different style, different Benz, it's clear there's a difference
You resortin' to, uh, distortin' the truth
Grind, my offspring needs juice, walk in my shoes

Yo, big bro, I'm from the ice pick era, light-skinned terror
Thought I could sell this dope until my life get better
Hieroglyphics got 'em tatted on us so it's hard to miss us
Reminiscin', my uncle sniffin' the Lionel Richie
Soul Train over breakfast, Lexus across the Triborough
They not thorough, how you my brother? You not Errol

Soul Train over breakfast, Lexus across the Triborough
You not thorough, you not my brother, you not Jungle
A whisper of death, a kiss of life
From Sade lips, my wish for life
My neck wearin' exotic material, so excited I'm still here with you
I cried about it with a sinister smile
Was notable, I been winnin' awhile, I'm a dazzler
Ancient astronaut from the Dogon Tribe, gangsta tatted up
Time-travelin' Nas, how I'm unravelin' this major paper
And blast niggas like a Navy laser?
System activated, board the cabin, orderly fashion
I'm glad you made it, I'm the captain, flight time, three minutes
Won't be servin' lunch or dinner
Your comfort is my concern, you could burn it if you feel it
We'll be cruisin' at 40,000 feet
Your in-flight movie is "Godfather 4" starrin' me and Dave East

First class for the whole flight, go 'head and lean your seat back
No lunch or dinner menu but got champagne if you drink that
Stewardess is models, gelato, you could bring it on
The pilot cool, I snuck in the cabin so I could see the storm
Joe Clark the one that they leanin' on
I just took my shoes off, shorty across the aisle look like Lena Horne
40,000 feet, my Wi-Fi still crackin'
You niggas is still packin', this flight about to land
Pick your seat up, secure your area, clean up your mess
Half the seats Louis Vuitton, we double G'd up the rest
We don't even acknowledge the ones you seem to impress
Don't forget your charger, we could fly whenever, be my guest