Lyrics : No Chance

He's back from the Gulag! He's made it back!

My life an event
We're unprepared for this sh*t
Chasin' the dollar make sense
b*t*h think I'm schiz'
Play through a deal with the Devil
I haven't been the same since
I'm usually bent
Ain't the same n***a (???)
(???) While I ride in the Benz
Same old question, "Da$h, what the f**k did you do?"
Ain't the same n***a I knew
f**k 'bout some clothes
Obsessed with drugs, money, and hoes
Run with the one that I chose
Blow when I roam
Know the earth is my turf
My b*t*h, she want me to come home
Get popped while I'm droppin' the top on this car
On a flight off a bar
Said don't get lost in the deep end
Well, sh*t I'm already not far