Lyrics : Dirty Laundry

[Verse 1]
The Hybrid, I'm telling you, try again
Sleep with the beast, Daniel in the lion's den
Still drop dirty, have to pop a Niacin
Itched all damn day, just to get violated
Ever seen a roach with babies have babies?
In the hood like whatever, we in this bitch together
Once got a ho, ain't had money for the room
So we did the humpty hump in a Burger King bathroom
Lowkey kept it undercover
The way she slurp slurp, she's the quicker picker upper
No job, dropped out and a felon
On the net, met a fat white bitch named Helen
300 pounds, maybe more like 280
Had a couple babies, 270 give or take it
Call that securin' the bag, had to fight the baby dad
Try to stop how I eat so I got up on his ass

[Verse 2]
What's in the dark, always come to light
Head was nasty, you'd think she had head lice
Why try? Throw bleach in your eye
Put your life on the line, hang 'em out to dry
Tryna keep my hands clean, out here ridin' dirty
Shit get messy? Mop him up with the .30
High Tide, Gain off the Arm and Hammer
Swim towards the current, system try to drown me
Stain your record like Clorox 'n' darks
Spin cycle had four tops for one
Out the slums, nobody gave me nothin'
Had temptations, so I hustled, David Ruffin
Papa was a rolling stone, so I sold rocks to 'em
Beam up Scotty, we got lift-off Houston
Left my sack in my clothes, Mama just did a load
Eight ball in my jeans, fiends say it taste like soap

[Verse 3]
Twenty five a peep show when I enter the booth
Mop the floor when I leave, might slip if you do
Cover your ears of your kids, we got round two
Fuck a bitch two times, call it deja vu
Fuck a stripper for some change, actual change
Dime, penny, nickels, actual change
Okay, wanna hear the story? Left the house in a hurry
I was at Hunky Dory's, got some dances from Lori
Left my wallet at home, ain't wanna hear that story
In the car had change from laundry
Had to wash clothes anyway, told her, "I'm sorry"
Slow anyway, before you was boring
Said, "Gimme a moment", jumped on it and bounced
No fabric softener, 'cause I was hard
Then she gave me head, had me moaning and groaning
Guess who I seen doing laundry next morning?