Lyrics : 1999

Do crime all the time with a nickel plated something and a pocket full of dime
Bagging up a quarter back in 1999
Give your scale a lil' weight, but I'm still weighing mine
Still weighing mine
Still weighing mine
Still weighing mine
Don't get smacked, we on real n***a time

What you doing for this 40 bar?
b*t*h quit playing like you don't know the protocol
Pull up, paint look like bowling ball
Doing me, give a f**k about y'all
Put that on everything, swear on my blood
Stab you in the back when I give you a hug
Every other day I'm awake til the sun break
Writing that sh*t got 'em jumping like pump fakes
Catch you on your lunch break, eat your food
Tell it how you wanna tell it like the evening news
Can't walk in my shoes, don't flatter yourself
These [?] hard bottoms can't tie they self
You can feel by yourself, you don't need my help
Here's an alligator belt, you can hang yourself
Can't contain myself when we just gettin' started
And it's no time left, and it's no time left