Lyrics : Zuko Rap “Who am I”

Intro (ChewieCatt):
Time's up
Rise up
In the mirror
Now I see clearer, clearer

Verse 1 (Zach Boucher):
Yeah, who am I? Somebody who can’t get a hold of his mind
Somebody who doesn't know one from the other until I see both and emotions collide
I say I'll be fine, but that was a lie, you tried to make me someone you could define
But I couldn’t fake all this hatred, you gave me a scar just because I had spoke out of line
Again, I was lost inside of my thought
I wanna do better, I guess I could not
It's in what he said, it controlled me a lot
And yet in the end all I see are my flaws
And I just go off whenever I'm crossed
So give me the truth, I'm sick of the loss
If only you knew the strength that I've got
It's not 'cause of you, there's nothing you taught
But how ironic though, it’s cold, that doesn’t really bother me
And they won't ever leave me frozen, all I gotta do is breathe
I’m gonna be the one who's chosen and I'mma leave you for the weak
I'm sick of feeling like you own me, I found a different source of heat
I was never alone
I couldn’t do this on my own
So shout out to uncle Iroh
Was my single hope
Without him I wouldn't come close
To help realizing my goals
And it really shows
'Cause I've been at war with myself up inside my head
All this time I had only tried to be someone I could pretend