Lyrics : Cowboy Bebop Rap - | “Space Cowboy”

Blue suit with a blow out if you got a bounty then you better not go out
All about the money so i'm putting on a show now space cowboy bout to turn it to a hoe down
Can't run bro you are rocking with a pro now number one hunter now say it like a pronoun
Give you one chance if you miss it will go down get your ass whooped to the sounds of the motown
Everybody puffs up til a knee gets popped beat you to the beat it will ''be'' a ''bop'' get it
Space ranger thats making danger gonna bet against me thats crazy wager
Just need is one lead then I'll take a ride to find you, but I'll need you to stay alive
We can do it two ways yours or mine either way I get paid for your life or crime
Take a day trip to you in a space ship then I'm breaking down tricks til I get a pay slip
I just wait til they slip cus they'll never face it get your butt kicked by the dude with the sprayed tips
Hurting for some dough so I need to go and so I stay hungry I need the foes
Made a few bad moves but I keep it close so you better keep on your toes
Spike spiegel is keeping evil from your doorstep all without being lethal
Cash your check, balls, got a pair of those lock and load clips in my jericho its
Pretty crazy the life we lead jet black and the crew what a crazy team
And we blaze the scene, and we make a mark space cowboys dream what a work of art