Lyrics : Broly Rap “Legendary”

Cast out cus I was a beast
With the power level reached I just need release
But instead of being praised, being raised elite
I was exiled so they couldn't taste defeat
By comparison Vegeta he was frail and weak
And his father couldn't take second place to me
Too afraid of the strength that has laid beneath
To afraid of the day i would reign supreme
I just trained for the day I would be unleashed
And my father didn't play an enslaved machine
I became, for the pain I would trade increase
I would fight for the day they became deceased
I just did what i was told, I was told to kill
But the anger in my soul took hold for real
And it cannot be controlled i have broke the seal
And when the ground bows even bold will kneel

I've been waiting for this, Oh its coming
Taking the hits, Oh its nothin'
Raising a fist, Oh they running
Run quick
Run quick
Better run run
Raising limits, Oh its summoned
Now they admit, Oh were done and
They are convinced Broly's not bluffing
Should'a run quick now they done done