Lyrics : Ban Rap

Here's a story, one that's not of glory
But if you want to know about me it is mandatory
Always been the underdog, never first pick
And this immortality, I wish I could reverse it

I didn't have anybody, now I got you
When I was a kid, man I was abused
I didn't have love, didn't even have food
Didn't have a dad he was just another dude
All I know is pain, I don't mean to be rude to you
Sure you heard the rumors, and assumed that they speak the truth
Now I'm fighting demons, not only in my feelings
But the ones that haunt your dreams until the purgatory deepens
Never trusted anybody, they all leave me bleeding
Had a father figure once who told me "Ban I'm never leaving"
Then he had the opportunity to prove it, the agreement
Wasn't strong enough. He left me good as dead and badly beaten

So who do I trust?
I don't need anyone. Always a bust
I'm never enough.... *sigh*
I'm never enough

Here's a story
One that's not of glory
But if you want to know about me it is mandatory
Always been the underdog, never first pick
And this immortality? I wish I could reverse it

'Cuz all I know is pain
It's always the same
In another hundred years I will still be to blame
Because I am the fire that will burn the match
'Cuz everything I touch turns to ash

Had it all wrong, thought I wanted immortality
All I really wanted was a change in my reality
Thought that if I live forever maybe I'll live happily
Instead I'm living tortured by the lack of any family
But then I met you Meliodas, you became a friend
And though I couldn't die I thought the pain would never end
You showed me love when nobody would even let me in
But Elaine is my everything, need to see her again
So I battle to the death
I'm using every breath
That I have left
And I'm dragging it from the depths of the blackness
Meli man I'd thought I'd never have this
Now I am fighting the dark madness..
I'm sorry my friend, but this is the end...
This is the end