Lyrics : Thoughts Outloud

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How the f**k is that your mans when he a whole b*t*h? (pu**y)
Why n***as rapping like they hard but they ain't on sh*t? (Nerd)
I bet you know your ass in trouble when I'm off a Perc (Uh Oh)
The day I put the gun down I ain't on the earth (RIP)
Just put a switch up on my Glock boy I'm a foo with this (I'm a foo with this)
I'm tryna get back on the oppers like I'm Ludacris (Like I'm Ludacris)
Put your hands on my baby mama I'ma shoot a b*t*h
Man why them old heads keep on acting like I'm new to this?
I be beating on my chest like a gorilla
Why n***as acting like they know me? They don't know n***as
I just hit my ex's sis told her keep it quiet
If I perform up in my city it's gon' be a riot
Matter fact if I perform it's gon' be bodies dropping
Who gon' be the next to switch 'cause ain't nobody silent
I thought n***as had my back but don't nobody got it (Nobody)
n***as talking like they 'bout it, ain't nobody 'bout it
I'm tryna pull up on lil' bruh and see what he hollering 'bout
Pull up and act like sh*t is coo then whip the Wally out
Don't say every time you in the hood 'cause you be hardly out
And Ma, excuse me for this sh*t I got a potty mouth
Who gon' survive up in that water wit' no jacket on? (Nobody)
Yeah I know my music weak but you still slap it though (Stupid)
pu**y took my n***a Shied now I'm in savage mode
Can't name a b*t*h up in my city we ain't had before
And I been smoking on that gas but not no 87
Brought our business to the Gram I guess lil' baby jealous
b*t*h you ain't never had a like that's on the dead homies
Security said that I can't fly, too much bread on me
I ain't feel no love up at my n***a funeral
Who y'all want dead, who I want dead the feeling's mutual
The family wondering how I been I'm like, "the usual"
And all these drugs keep my head spinning like a hula hoop
The n***a try to take what's mine, be fighting a murder case
I know them boys don't know no better, they gon' learn today
Say how the ones that really know you be the first to hate
They like DaBoii been MIA but it was worth the wait
It's sick how we say stop the violence, be the ones promoting
I told you keep it on the low you left it in the open
Said I was sorry for the sh*t but I was only joking
b*t*h say she wanna have my kids, I left 'em in the Trojan