Lyrics : Bob Marley

Reuel stop playing with these n***as

And I ain't finna to lose out b*t*h these AF1's
Speaking of the ones, b*t*h I ain't the one
n***a take something from who? You ain't taking none
My own brother's wanna kill me boy they fake or what?
Yeah I got this b*t*h squirting, you can't make her c*m
Like I'm pulling up from three, I ain't laying up
My bro just hit a opp b*t*h, now she prayin' for us
And why you think my brother with me? b*t*h he came to f**k

A n***a try to take this chain off me? Then you a stupid n***a
Balling hard, tryna make the league like these hoopin' n***as
Bro ain't got no bread, I tell him go, he get to shootin' n***as
And you would think we racist how we bouncing out and doin' n***as
Lost my heart the same day I started losing n***as
I don't wanna shake no hands, I ain't coo' wit' n***as
The same b*t*h you call your main b*t*h, she just blew a n***a
Throw a hundred in that 'K clip and put 'em through a n***a

And you don't wanna know what's in my dreams but it get lucid in there
Hell no I ain't getting in that whip boy you got rufus in it
Bro'll grab that 'K and get to spittin' like a tooth is missing
Hell no you ain't pullin' down them pants, you been pootin' in 'em