Lyrics : Inglewood High

Supa Good
We 'bout to get 'em high (High)
This time is my time, we 'bout to get 'em high (High)
We 'bout to get 'em high (High), high (High)
We 'bout to get 'em high (High), high (High)

Supa Good in this bitch, the 'Wood in this bitch
'Bout to school these niggas like only I could in this bitch
Here by myself and I still got the whole hood in this bitch
Claiming new stomping grounds, gon' leave my whole foot in this bitch
Ankle-deep and it's painful
My handkerchief is a spangled banner
With the blood of black sons of slaves, uh
Painting people's depictions
Won't be no sequel, afflictions
Made me the true nigga that I am today, uh
Did my homework in class
Walked the halls with no pass
Eleventh grade, I had it made, held my balls when I laughed
My older brother sang and SiR chose to ball for his pass
I chose to get perfect grades and catch fades in the grass
Seven Gang was the clique, it wasn't no Blood or no Crip
Was more like fraternity ties mixed with bare knuckles and clips
My big homie saw something in me, said fuck hitting licks and pistols
Your test scores gon' hit the lick with pencils, teaching credentials
I never got 'em, they said wasn't a problem
I sent that application they said, "You start tomorrow, where else
We gon' find a nigga black and fluent in Spanish?
Might as well use it to our advantage"

I went right back to Inglewood (Inglewood)
Inglewood (Inglewood)
Inglewood (Inglewood)
I'm from Inglewood (Inglewood), Inglewood
Inglewood High (Inglewood, Inglewood)
From Inglewood ('Wood)
Inglewood ('Wood)
Inglewood, Inglewood (Inglewood)
Inglewood, Inglewood
Inglewood High