Lyrics : Under the Sun (Remix)

Rise and shine
sh*t, let's get it
Ight, let's get it
Huh? Huh? Aye, yeah

Rise and shine, b*t*h wake up
She gon' put on that Kylie Jenner make up
Know I be shining, I light up a room
Light up the gas and you know it's the fume
Hit that sh*t twice and it make you zoom, I ain't trippin' its regular, this what i do
If you cannot handle it, damn it b*t*h
Get the hell out of my room, there's nothing to do
Cause nothing new under the sun
Working and rapping for fun
Going to school but I'm tryna be done
Everything changed, turned 21
And boy you barking, and it's gone getcha
Had to go call up the dog catcher
And you really be on a leash
Shade coming in the forecast
And I'mm on the air like a broadcaster
Calling the shots like I'm Marv Albert, damn
Ay sh*t, man
I don't know, that's one take Jake, though
Let's get it

Uh, I move in silence cause haters be sleeping
When they be seeing you winning they tweaking
Too many opps, like who are you with?
I just woke up for some money lil b*t*h
Pockets ain't slim, they calling me shady
Number one baller like Tracy McGrady
With the homies going crazy
All up in CLT like I’m DaBaby
Shout out to Gold Mouf
May rock, Dreamville we running the whole south (uh)
Put some respect on my name
Cause this is the year I'mma ring
I tried to stay in my lane
But most of the people ain’t paying attention the same
Like how I murder every track, though?
Like I'm Tiller with the Trap Soul
Taking shots just like the Alamo
And I'm always in a album mode, yuh
Aye, aye aye aye aye aye, b*t*h
Lil b*t*h

Revenge of the Dreamers the grammy nom'
How can I dream if I never sleep?
Green and pink, Cosmo Wanda
It just be me and my shiny teeth
Pop star man I'm boutta pop
Wait for the drop
See you later I been on my grind like a skater
And man you a hater, you Poppa Doc
And if they hate on what you do, then they can't
Seen em switch sides on em like they Durant
I'm the rookie of the year, they call me Morant
Nah, they call me Milly we litty again
I'm finna be up in your city again
Hit the club and be actin all tipsy again
Baby girl say that you miss me again
Cause when I hit you up you too busy again
Why you too busy?
Was it something that i did
Or are you really just a b*t*h?
Aye, that's prolly it, sh*t, aye
That's such a stupid ending