Lyrics : Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)

Here comes a brand new flava in ya ear
Time for new flava in ya ear
I'm kicking new flava in ya ear
Just like-

Uniblab, robotic kicking flab
My flavor bidder badder chitter-chatter
Madder than the Mad Hatter
I bet you my sh*t come out phatter
Got the data to turn your body into anti-matter (well, well, well)
And just like a piece of Sizzlean
You'll fit inside my stomach with the eggs and grits between
The king is what I mean (what), I mean
My man get a cup and put some change inside your hand
Now, hold up
Let's make it official
MC's need tissue (funky)
My issue
And I bet you might go off like a missile
No more of your whinin' on the charts climbin'
As I make the funk be kicking out more harder than a diamond
If you didn't know who played that
You better pay attention when we say that (Mack's a brand new flava, state it)
You won't be 'round next year
Rap's too severe, kickin' new flava in ya ear