Lyrics : b*tch Slap

Entering my personal space with an intent to harm may be a direct ticket down under
Not to be confused with Australia and New Zealand
This ticket is usually issued after your reaction to the b*t*h slap

Somebody go hit the coroner there's been a mishap
This one's a real altercation and no f**king diss rap
Thinkin' about phonkin' with us and you take a big nap
All of the drama because of the sauna
You got it because of the b*t*h slap
Everybody's got an expiration date
But you running your mouth can make your date arrive faster
You come up in my circle with that other sh*t
I'm sure that we can help you out and take you to your master
Let's go!

b*t*h slap!
Quick cap!
b*t*h slap!

Phonk is the condition, won’t give up submission
Wrong as f**k for the hissin' at the throne that buss the clip and hush the trippin'
That a strong enough description?
You don’t listen - ya slipping!
This expression doesn’t apply to women
Just the men when utterly sinnin'
Gonna be winnin' souls within ‘em when I blast those
Especially if you don’t see no kinda grinnin'
After your lip in the beginning up sh*t creek is where you swimmin' you as*h**e