Lyrics : Fredo Joint

Yeah, uh
I might record this shit with the ski mask rolled down, nigga, haha

Look, still in the streets, can't put my burner down
They offered me a hundred for "Look What I Became" and I turned it down
Picture that, I made triple that in a quicker turn around
Look at the currency I'm earnin' now
Fork in that yayo pot is turnin' round
I go OT and turn the town upside down, then burn it down
We lost Chine Gun, I'm still tryin' to learn to smile
My songs come on the radio and I just turn it down
Or turn the dial, I'm still learnin' how to cope with all the pain
How the fuck I'm 'posed to cope with all the fame?
I promise, this shit is like a shot of dope all in ya vein
You think this depression shit is all a joke, it's all a game
So I smoke to keep my stress in order, post traumatic stress disorder
I will shoot this Heckler towards ya, better have your vest in order
VS's in my necklace so my neck is water
Told the engineer to just press record and I'll spit somethin' epic for ya
I just got the Tesla ordered, go see my connect
He said, "I'm gon' do somethin' extra for ya, my shipment just left the water"
Got them blocks, now I got a lot to block
Violators, choppers chop, hollows pop, bodies drop
Homicide, hollows fly, somebody gotta die
I'm outside, I'ma slide, pussy niggas gotta hide
Niggas killed my man, gotta look in his mama eyes
Gotta watch his mama cry, told her I apologize
But, mama, I'ma ride, I'ma find all them niggas
Murder all them niggas even if I get locked inside
Gotta do a lot of time, I'ma bid, what they did to my nigga
Somebody gettin' shot a lot of times, brra