Lyrics : Now or Never

It was like
I forgot about my future and i p*ssed it away
Just to get p*ssed as f**k
Thats pretty much the jist of the day
Distant and dazed
Consistently i pictured a grave
Had my name written on it
And the bricks would decay
A quick fix
Its like my wrist was amazed
It would spit away
Insisted on the slits that were made
An alcoholic warzone where every sips a grenade
I saw them empty stubbies turn into a ditch and a spade
Addictions to blame
For every single risk that i take
For every incident considered as my biggest mistake
For every time i said id quit it for my missus sake
Then stick with it for a minute til id miss it and cave
I guess that everybody thought it was a bit of a phase
But i was binging on the liquor
I was giving it praise
A victim of shame and sickened with a prisoners rage
Then i was staring down the barrel and it triggered a change

Did i ever really give enough?
I guess i did but it was only for a little buzz
I didn't think that i was worth it
I could turn around and get it
Let alone put in the effort
But i had to learn to work and never give it up
Sometimes i wonder if i wasn't ever given drugs?
What would of happened if my father didn't hit and run?
I think its dumb, but would i still be on this path?
It took a while to find that it was sinkin deeper than the liquor does
Alot of peoples dreams are keeping me from sittin drunk
To see my friends are falling down that hole
Until their giving up
Im feeling sh*t cos i admit that i was in a rut
But when i found that i was out
I couldn't help but give a f**k
Ive been a c**t but i was whinging
I was stuck
I wasn't thinking
I was dumb
And i was binging to get through the month
A bit of fun to get me pumped to go and hit a club
Just to get a bit of recognition for the sh*t ive done