Lyrics : ACTION*

Lyrics from Snippet

b*tch, yuh, b*tch

We can get it crackin', b*tch I live for action (Yeah)
Came in with the AK-47, fully automatic (Boom, b*tch)
Everything is new, yeah, I'm the first to use (That's right)
Real killers don't need face tattoos, I'm the first to prove
I got too much to do, I need another day
b*tch, I'm locked up in the stu', I got too much to say
Big .9, I can't wait to shoot, I keep it tucked away (Boom)
This time, I won't nut on her face, she said she like the taste
Recline, bust a nut in her mouth, she took it to the face (C'mere)
Yeah, police left me on the chase, but still, I got away (b*tch)
I'm tired of running from the jakes, they need to give it up
And, I woke up today, okay, so I'ma live it up
Um, the ho you be callin' your bae, I bet she give it up
And, she say she want di*k in her face, I let her live it up
You really want beef with us? We gon' give it up
.556 finna split him up, they gon' send him up
Paramedics seen him slumped, they gon' lift him up
Had to...