Lyrics : Mug Shot

Ah hah, ah hah, ah hah, ah hah, ah hah
Rah, Rah

Twist the cap and pour
Guzzle then ask for more
Went and praised the Lord
I toast this glass to y'all
Rench or nah, cooking up feasts to feed the universe
H2O flow I'm soaked but never lose my thirst
Nothing but knock out blows its like it octagon
Come true, me blam you down right just like a Rasta mon
The bars, the fiddles, the scratches in the middle
Hip Hop with that twang to it
Only T.O.N.E-z and Rench can do it
Every-time that we step in the zone
And we 'tract the others
We try to out do what we do
Just bang out the realest and make 'em regret that ever doubted it
Provin' it time and again I can never be beat, I'm so good at my craft
And anyone tries I look at their eyes and laugh (Hahaha)
You want that heat you ask for T.O.N.E-z
You want that smoke you ask for Colt
You want that chalk around your career son you ask for both
Lyrical outlaws, young guns with word play
Every corner and club spot you see more shots