Lyrics : Love I Need

I don't get the love I need anymore
I don't get the love I need anymore
I'm feeling sick of independence
I don't get the love I need anymore
I don't get the love, I walked out the door
Won't let you carry out my sentence

Well, the writing was clear, it appeared on the wall
We were broken and scared, unprepared for the fall
It's true, I couldn't keep waiting on you
And I know that you're hurt, and I know that you tried
But I'll go it alone if I can't satisfy your view
I'll live a life I wasn't meant to

But they told me, "Dance"
Keep playing the game
Press start, continue
Look within you, without you
Begin to advance
As far as you can, till' you lose your winnings
Find new beginnings
Na, na, na, na, na, na