Lyrics : Wondering (How To Believe)

We're al- we're all wondering, how to believe

I'm wondering about the horrors in the world that we witness
And what's the purpose of our babies being born into sickness
My cold world of stalactites and spikes of icicles
In a house of disease and handicap blind cripples
I watched half my family die, the sh*t we been through
I lost my brother, my sister, my cousin, my nephew
I watched the hearse come when my sister lost her first son
The tragedies in life are the lessons that we learn from

We're all wondering (Yeah)
How to believe (How to believe)
We're all wondering
How to believe
We're all won-

A freshman girl named Jenny had a school crush
She hit up his Facebook She finally got the guts
To her surprise he replied and he asked to meet up
And he was fast hands all on her she couldn't keep up
(We're all won-)
She said slow down he said no way it's about to go down
Jenny tried to push him off he shoved her to the ground
She tried to bite him and fight him with nowhere to run, hide
He overpowered her and pounded and thrusted inside
He busted inside tonight a piece of Jennifer died
When he was done she walked away as she stumbled and cried
Don't want the papers to name her or a neighborhood to shame her
She didn't tell her parents she was scared that they would blame her
A month went by depression and self-hatred
Seeing flashbacks of being forcefully penetrated
The face of the rapist in her brain she can't take it
Looking through a drawer for a razorblade but not to shave with
(We're all won-won-won)
Her blood leaked down the sink faucet
Her life ended still the rape was never reported
That's why the rapist coward was never outed
In fact he remained free and even bragged about it
Told his friends about this hot fling with this hot thing
Around town he was the man, the school jock, prom king
The nerve with him, woman in town they worshipped him
The worst part is that Jenny was only his first victim

We're all wondering
How to believe (How to believe)
We're all wondering (Yeah, yeah)
How to believe (How to believe)

Now our parents are pill popping unapologetic and the neighborhoods are infested, the heroin epidemic
And little Eric started cutting classes and then the heroin entered his bloodstream through his nasal passage
And every time his mom looked inside his eyes she would cry
Beady eyed, pupils small, nose runny, mouth dry
Picking scabs off his body everyday getting high
Glory of the euphoria nausea when it's missing
No Resistin' the itchin' for a fixin' of the addiction
His momma looking through his baby pictures and reminiscin'
So his mom got him rehab, it got him sober
He went back to high school tryin' to get his diploma
It appeared this nightmare might be finally over
Then he sniffed a bad batch and He fell into a coma
Six months in a vegetative state no closure
Complications in his lungs then he died from Pneumonia
Mommas baby boy born innocent and wholesome
Used to change his diapers and breastfeed him and hold him
She reminisce of little league when Eric hit a home run
Why should a mother have to live to bury her own son I'm wondering

We're all wondering
How to believe (How to believe)
We're all wondering (Yeah, yeah)
How to believe (Yeah)
We're all wondering
How to believe (How to believe)
We're all won-